Thursday, April 26, 2012

52/ begin!

A new role for me in October, grandma of a little girl!!!
Now, I must seriously BEGIN to sort through my stuff and separate the good , the bad, and the ugly!
What is important to pass on and what needs to leave. Best books, bears, family treasures and an explanation of why it is special, a little history of grandma(grandpa too).
So I am starting a journal for stories and memories and hopes for baby and a box to hold the treasures!!!


  1. Congratulations, how exciting! What a wonderful 'beginning'.

  2. *love* this photo so much!
    and so wonderful of you to begin a journal for the baby as well as a treasure box. treasures for sure.
    congratulations on becoming a grandma!!!

  3. The stories and memories you compile will be priceless! What a great beginning!

  4. That is a beautiful beginning...Congratulations!!

  5. ah!! love it so much.

    congratulations, i hear the role of grandmother is even better than mother.

  6. Oh, I love the journal idea! Congratulations.

  7. ah, Peg!! So happy for you.
    Here's to new, beautiful beginnings!